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Fiddlers Green History


Fiddler’s Green was founded by David Kennedy (yes, the Captain Dave of our pancake mix).   Dave was a pilot and an adventurer – a whole book could be written about him (and maybe one has!).  He died while piloting his plane over the Penobscot River.  The next chapter of Fiddler’s opened with this news clip:

The Will of David M. Kennedy , who died Oct. 10, 1985, establishes a Trust consisting of a furnished residence, detached cattle barn, garage and tractor shed and 115 acres of land on Route 52, Belfast, Me. The Trust provides that the three trustees shall insure that the property continues to be operated as an organic farm and to this purpose the trustees are empowered to select a person or couple to organically farm the premises and enter into an appropriate agreement for the purchase and sale of the property.  For an appointment for an interview and further details, contact Paul Hazard, Esq., 81 High St., Belfast, ME., 04915.

Nancy Galland & Richard Stander were chosen out of a pool of a dozen candidates to take over the farm.  Nancy & Richard, like each of the owners of Fiddler’s, including the current ones, had a wide collection of interests and passions that met at the crossroads of agriculture.   They grew the baking & pancake mix part of the business and ran the farm until 1996.

In 1996 Allen Ginsberg & Laine Alexander bought the baking mix business and expanded it to include other natural foods which were difficult to source at the time.   They launched the website and began using mailorder to expand the business.  Allen & Laine were founding vendors to the then new distribution business – Crown O’Maine Organic Cooperative, and helped expand it from its produce only base.

Come around to 2013 and Allen & Laine were ready for a change.  They’d shepherded Fiddler’s as their children grew up and left home, as the organic farming movement went national, and as interest in Maine produced foods swelled.   They approached Leah & Marada about buying the business as part of their growing network and the two sisters saw the opportunity to add depth to the bulk foods distributed by Crown O’Maine and reach to the marketplace for Maine producers via the national mailorder website.