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All Fields Must Lie Fallow

Dear friends,

Five years ago Marada and I took on this business of Fiddler's Green Farm. Fiddler's came to us when Allen and Laine asked us to carry on the legacy of this storied and beloved mill. We said no a few times, but took a closer look in the end and decided to try our hands at stewarding this business.

 We moved the mill to Vassalboro, Robert moved to Maine to become our miller, and we all settled into the excitement and magic of a new world of good food and good people. It looked like we could do it all--run the distribution company we'd inherited, build the processing plant we'd started, and take Fiddler's in new, fun, vibrant directions.

 Life swept in, though. Things we'd never imagined changed our courses. Instead of aligning nicely, the demands of all the businesses grew and diverged, and I encountered unexpected health issues that eventually led me to move away from the businesses and move home.

 And now we find ourselves at a point when it's time to stop and take stock.

 Farmers know this to be true: all fields must lie fallow. They must rest to regain their fertility, to break unchanging patterns of nutrient use, dis-ease, and pest pressure, to allow the chance for life to flourish as it wishes.

 It is time for Fiddler's to lie fallow. We weren't able to give it all of the nourishing it needed.

 We will be ceasing operations to allow time to explore new options and new owners, to see what opportunities there are for Fiddler's next life, perhaps outside of the ways we've tended its fields. Our final decision will be in March.

 We feel the weight of this moment. No farmer likes to see fields grow into weeds. But we know that we need to break the patterns of pressure on the business in order to allow a new life for Fiddler's to flourish.

 Please bear with us as we explore those options to find the right person to restore Fiddler's fertility and energy. We're open to hearing ideas and folks we should talk to, so please feel free to reach out and get in touch with your thoughts and suggestions.

 We will ship our orders out this week and refund any folks with orders we can't fulfill. The website will go dormant while we work on our discoveries.

 Thank you for your patience, and for all your years of support and lovely conversations. It's been an honor to get to speak with you all week after week.